Snow Zone Plowing

Green routes and Grey routes A.K.A. residential plowing

We have divided areas of the city into 12 Snow Zones for snow and ice control and street sweeping operations. Snow Zones are identified by letters A-K and O. The zones are then further broken down into Green and Grey Routes. Green Routes are collector roads and bus routes; the main streets through neighbourhoods, and Grey Routes are the less busy residential streets such as Crescents and Closes.

Residential Snow Zones are cleared when the snowpack (not accumulation) reaches 5 to 10 cm. Each time residential plowing is triggered, we start in a different snow zone and move in alphabetical order throughout the city. To help us plow more efficiently, parking restrictions are in place during residential plowing.

Green Routes

When plowing Green Routes, graders will stack themselves in a way that pushes the snowpack into a windrow, usually along the center line of the street. Then a blower will begin blowing the windrow into trucks that haul the snow away to the nearest snow storage site.

As we need to have a clear street to successfully plow these routes, vehicles left on Green Routes during residential plowing, will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense. No Parking signs are posted along Green Routes at least 12 hours before commissionaires will begin ticketing and towing vehicles.

Green Routes:

  • Collector roads and bus routes
  • Plowed Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted
  • Plowed to bare pavement and the snow is removed
  • No Parking signs are posted along each street before plowing begins
Grey Routes

Whenever possible, we plow the centre of the road (driving lane) to bare pavement leaving windrows on both sides of the street (parking lanes). Operators will ensure driveways and alley entrances are opened after plowing. In order to ensure the plowing program is complete in 15 business days and that costs are kept within the allotted budget; windrows are not removed from Grey Routes.

The plowing operation is most efficient when vehicles are moved off the street so signs are placed at the main entrances to each neighbourhood to let residents know that parking restrictions are in effect. Operators will ticket and plow in vehicles left on Grey Routes during snow zone plowing. Residents wishing to have their windrows removed, can hire a snow clearing contractor at their own expense. Contractors must have a valid use-of-streets permit. Visit the Snow Clearing Contractors for Hire section of this page for more information.

Grey Routes:

  • Residential streets such as closes and crescents
  • Plowed Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted
  • Plowed in the center of the road with windrows on both sides of the road
  • Front driveways, alley entrances and accessible parking spaces are cleared
  • No parking signs are placed at the entrances of neighbourhoods only. Signs are not placed on Grey Routes before plowing.

A windrow is a pile of snow left on the road after plowing.

Windrows on Green Routes

On Green Routes, windrows are removed using a blower and trucks to haul snow away. We do this because Green Routes are collectors streets and bus routes meaning they have higher traffic volumes and larger vehicles. Removing snow from Green Routes helps to keep traffic moving efficiently after a snowfall. Because we remove all the snow from Green Routes, vehicles left parked on the street will be ticketed and towed to the nearest Grey Route at the owners’ expense.

Windrows on Grey Routes

Grey Routes are plowed in the centre of the road, in the driving lanes, and windrows are left on both sides of the street, in the parking lanes. City crews will remove windrows from front driveways, designated accessible parking spots and alley entrances. Because we leave windrows behind, vehicles left on Grey Routes will be ticketed and plowed in.

Residents have the option to hire a snow clearing contractor to clear windrows from the street in front of their house. Private contractors must have a valid Seasonal Use of Streets permit on file with The City.

Snow Clearing Contractors for hire

Contractors listed below have met the requirements for a Seasonal Use of Streets Permit and can be hired by residents to clear windrows from the street. The City does not regulate the fees they charge.

NamePhoneEmail and Website
Classic Homes Ltd. 403-872-0525,
X Patch Services 403-396-1235 

Snow removed from streets can’t be placed back on the street, a nearby median, or on other City property (e.g., parks). It must be placed on appropriate private property or taken to one of The City’s snow storage sites (standard fees will apply).

Apply for a Seasonal Use of Streets Permit

Interested in becoming a Snow Clearing Contractor? Contractors can apply for a Seasonal Use of Streets Permit and/or register to access The City's snow storage sites. A Seasonal Use of Streets Permit will allow you to remove snow from City property, including windrows on Grey Routes.

What you need to know before applying for a Seasonal Use of Streets Permit:

  • Applicants must have a valid City of Red Deer Business License
  • The application fee is $50
  • Snow removed by a private contractor can’t be placed back on the street, sidewalk or median, or on other City property (e.g., parks).

Print and complete the Seasonal Use of Streets Permit application form (pdf) and bring it, along with all required documents, to the main floor of City Hall (4914 - 48 Avenue). Read the application carefully to ensure you meet the criteria.

Snow Storage Site Access

Our two sites are located at:

  • Edgar Industrial Drive (west of the Red Deer Bottling Co. Ltd.); and
  • 40 Avenue south of 19 Street (south of the Waste Management Facility).

Only snow that has been collected from within the City of Red Deer limits may be dumped at these snow storage sites. ALL loads are subject to a minimum fee plus GST, as outlined on the registration form. All infractions will result in a total ban from the snow storage sites for the balance of the season.

Carriers that have not been registered will not be allowed access to the snow storage sites. Register now using the Snow Site Access registration form (pdf)

Snow storage sites will be manned as demand dictates, and access will only be permitted when a worker is on site.

You require a current business license to be carrying out contracted snow removal work in The City of Red Deer. For further information regarding a business license contact the City’s Licensing department at 403-342-8182.

Read the snow storage site letter to users. (pdf)

Snow Zone Maps

The maps in the table below provide an overview of each snow zone including Green and Grey Routes. Find your snow zone and route and then check the schedule to see when your street is scheduled for plowing. You can also sign up for snow zone notifications to you get notified before plows enter your zone.

A Kentwood, Johnstone Snow Zone A - Residential Routes Map (pdf)
B Glendale, Normandeau, Pines Snow Zone B - Residential Routes Map (pdf)
C Fairview, Highland Green, Oriole Park, Riverside Meadows Snow Zone C - Residential Routes Map (pdf)
E Clearview, Garden Heights, Michener Hill, Parkvale, Waskasoo, Woodlea Snow Zone E - Residential Routes Map (pdf)
F Deer Park (north of 39 St), Rosedale, Timberlands Snow Zone F - Residential Routes Map (pdf)
G Bower, South Hill, West Park Snow Zone G - Residential Routes Map (pdf)
H Eastview, Grandview, Morrisroe, Mountview Snow Zone H - Residential Routes Map (pdf)
I Anders, Sunnybrook (north) Snow Zone I - Residential Routes Map (pdf)
J Deer Park (south of 39 St), Lancaster Snow Zone J - Residential Routes Map (pdf)
K Inglewood, Sunnybrook (south)/Southbrook, Vanier Snow Zone K - Residential Routes Map (pdf)
O Evergreen Snow Zone O - Residential Routes Map (pdf)