Who to contact

Looking to submit a request or register a complaint? Here's who to call:

Parks & Public Works - 403-342-8238:

  • request sanding on city streets.
  • if the windrow in front of your driveway or back alley access was not cleared within 1-2 hours of plowing. 
  • request City sidewalk clearing. Before you call, check the Sidewalk Clearing Map (pdf) to ensure the sidewalk in question is normally cleared by The City. If the sidewalk is not on the sidewalk clearing map, please contact the Police non-emergency line at 403-406-2200 to register a complaint about snow removal on a residential or private business sidewalk or private parking lot.
  • request Red Deer Transit bus stop clearing.
  • request trail clearing. Before you call, check the Winter Trail Snow Clearing Map (pdf) to ensure the trail in question is part of the trail clearing program.

Canada Post

  • request snow clearing in front of a community mailbox. Visit the Canada Post website to put in a request.

Parking Tickets