Adopt a Park

Is there a green space in Red Deer that’s special to you? Why not adopt it?
Barrett Park Trail

Red Deer’s Waskasoo Park system is the envy of many cities. You can help protect the parks and the wildlife that inhabit them by adopting a park.

Your commitment can be as simple or as involved as you choose. With Adopt a Park, you can work as an individual, group or business to protect the green spaces that make living in Red Deer so unique.

What would I have to do?

Adopting a park is a commitment, but the amount of time you put in can vary.

Here are some examples of what adopting a park or trail can mean:

  • Picking up litter along creeks, trails, manicured parks or natural areas.
  • Watching for alien weed invaders and managing them as necessary.
  • Keeping an eye open for natural damage or dangers, vandalism, inappropriate use, and reporting such activity to Parks staff or the RCMP as appropriate.


Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who spend countless hours beautifying our parks and natural areas. We appreciate your dedication and admire your passion for our City.

Grant Johnson
Diane & Glen Adkins
Lorraine & Tony Blake 
Colleen Bredo
Carl Demers
Josh, Debbie Fournier
Linda Cullen-Saik
Murray Hansen
Melvin Heinrich
Daryl Holien
Denise Rambow
Don Wales
Talbot, Jen, Jack, and Marin Walton
Lindsay, Emily Weibe & Stacey Walls
Don & Kelly
Don & Tony
Maureen Sawisky
Porcia Yparraguirre
Emmanuel Anigbogu
Joan Swanson
Darwin Roscoe


The following locations have already been adopted:

Grandview Escarpment Park and Grandview Linier Park & Pathway (between 43 Avenue and 43A Avenue north of 39 Street)
Glendale Natural Area 
Taylor Meadow 
Gaetz Park 
Victoria Park
Clearview Neighbourhood Park
Galbraith Park
Walker Blvd 
Oldring Crescent 
Victoria Park 
Rotary Picnic Park 
Barrett Park & Escarpment
Arb Close
Great West Adventure Park
Heritage Ranch
Stephenson Park Trail & Southbank Trail (train bridge to Capstone)
Rotary Park & 47 Ave
Centennial Plaza Park 
BMX Park and area (Taylor Bridge to apartments) 
Trails and green space around Hunting Hills High School

For more information on adopting a park, please contact the Parks Section at 403-342-8234. 


Adopt a Park Brochure (pdf)
Adopt a Park Inspection Report (pdf)
Preserve Your Natural Areas & Wetlands Brochure (pdf)