Community Pop-Up Activation application form

Community and culture groups are invited to submit proposals for a pop-up activation during Meet the Street festival.

Selected projects are eligible to receive up to $2,500 in funding through various grants. This funding may be used to cover costs to plan, produce, deliver and report on the project. Approved projects will receive assistance in applying for applicable grants.

Pop-Up Activation Proposals need to be:

  1. Appropriate and non-commercial
  2. Viable (well-budgeted, realistic, safe)
  3. Innovative

Proposals will be evaluated by:

  • Public benefit
    How much value does the project offer for the intended audience? How reasonable is the budget compared with the expected impact? How much does the project encourage community expression?
  • Equity alignment
    Do the applicant group members identify as an equity-seeking community? Does the project promote geographically by reaching underserved neighbourhoods? Does the project support a community that is historically underrepresented in public space?
  • Policy alignment
    How much does the activity promote a broad, diverse and inclusive participation in public life? How much does the project foster a culture shift toward more equitable and inclusive public space? How much does the activity transform or reimagine street space into gathering space?
  • Theme alignment
    How closely does the activity align with the theme of using culture and diversity to connect communities?

The deadline for applications is June 16, 2021.