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City reminds residents to use caution around bodies of water

February 6, 2024 2:33 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

Winter may have returned to central Alberta; however, late January and early February were marked with a stretch of warm temperatures. The City of Red Deer is reminding residents that ice and water conditions on community ponds, creeks and the river can be hazardous, and residents should take extreme caution when using these spaces and nearby trails.

Fluctuating temperatures in the winter, often causes upstream melting and changing water levels. As such, any body of water can pose a serious risk to people and pets. Residents are asked to please obey signs and to keep pets close to ensure their safety.

Some stormwater ponds in the city have also experienced a build-up of H2S and crews have lowered the water levels and decreased the reported levels. Lowering the water has caused the ice to break away and fall creating more unsafe conditions. Residents are reminded that these areas are never safe for recreational activities.

Although more seasonal temperatures have returned to the area, caution should be used around any body of water.


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