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Council passes potential collector roadway crossing Piper Creek connecting Molly Banister Drive to 22 Street

August 31, 2021 5:57 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

This afternoon following a public hearing held yesterday, Red Deer City Council passed third reading on an amendment to reduce the potential roadway crossing Piper Creek between Molly Banister Drive and 22 Street from an arterial roadway to a collector roadway. 

On July 19, Council gave first reading to amendments to the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the East Hill Major Area Structure Plan (MASP), which would see two optional locations of a potential future roadway crossing over Piper Creek: Molly Banister Drive and Bennett Street. If constructed, the roadway would be built as a four-lane collector roadway.

On Monday night, Council heard from five people who spoke about the potential roadway locations and capacity at a public hearing, in addition to written statements received in advance of the hearing. Following the hearing and with consideration of public input, Council amended the proposed bylaws to only include one potential collector roadway crossing Piper Creek connecting 22 Street to Molly Banister Drive. 

“This has been a repeated topic of discussion in our community and for Council over the past year, but it is important to ensure we consider public input in planning the future of our community,” said Christi Fidek, Senior Planner, Development & Protective Services. “We are confident that the potential extension of Molly Banister Drive as a collector roadway will not only support the developer in creating a great community in a sought-after area, but we are also in a great position to support Red Deer’s future transportation and growth needs.”

The next stage in development, a Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan (NASP) is anticipated in the next few years and those potentially impacted will be asked for feedback on the plan once drafts are developed. 



For more information, please contact:

Corporate Communications
The City of Red Deer



Fall 2019: The City received an application to amend two development plans in the East Hill area. Melcor, the developer of the area, requested that the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the East Hill Major Area Structure Plan (MASP) be amended by removing the Molly Banister Drive protected roadway alignment (extension of Molly Banister Drive to 40 Avenue) from the plans.

October 2020: Council hosted a public hearing to collect input about whether or not to remove the potential Molly Banister Drive extension crossing over Piper Creek shown in the East Hill MASP and the MDP. The hearing resulted in Council voting to keep the possible Molly Banister Drive extension in the plans.

May 2021: Melcor brought forward a proposal which would see three options for locations of the potential crossing, and would downgrade the roadway from an arterial to a four-lane collector roadway. Council proceeded with two optional locations, Molly Banister Drive and Bennett Street, and passed first reading on July 19. Second and third reading were then scheduled to follow a public hearing on August 30 and August 31.

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