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New housing and homelessness governance model proposed

August 27, 2021 3:46 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

At Monday’s regular City Council meeting, Council will review a suite of committee recommendations from Administration, including a new housing and homelessness governance model for Red Deer.

In October 2019, the Community Housing and Homelessness Integrated Plan (CHHIP) was received by Council. Driven by a Council Ad Hoc Committee, the overall goal of the CHHIP was to develop a strategic and innovative housing plan in support of the community's housing goals and to advance City Council’s strategic goal of a socially responsible city. During deliberations, Council directed Administration to return with an integrated housing and homelessness governance recommendation by Q2 2020.

While the work was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, a new proposed integration model has been developed and will be presented to Council for consideration. Specifically, the new model calls for the dissolution of the existing Community Housing and Advisory Board (CHAB) in favour of a new committee of Council. The new committee would have full delegated decision making authority related to planning, research, evaluation, and fund administration.

“A more integrated and collaborative governance model for housing and homelessness has been considered in recent years,” said Sarah Tittemore, Community Services General Manager. “Council’s direction, coupled with work and advice from the CHHIP Ad-Hoc Committee, has led us to this point. The model we are proposing brings a more collaborative approach, ensuring all voices are heard and considered in service of common goals.”

Currently, homelessness supports are delivered by multiple agencies across The City, with CHAB acting as an advisor to Council on affordable housing, homelessness, services/activities related to the goal of ending homelessness. At the same time, CHAB makes funding recommendations to City Council for the funds The City receives from the federal and provincial governments for housing and homelessness. 

The purpose of the new Collaborative Community Housing and Homelessness Integration Committee (CCHHIC) is to act as the federally required Community Advisory Board (CAB) and decision making authority for The City of Red Deer for the roles of:

  • Planning, research and evaluation
  • Coordination of asset management and development, and homelessness support services
  • Fund administration for Community Based Organization (CBO), and Community Entity (CE) – Designated, and Community Entity – Indigenous (as requested) through an established Sub Committee

If the Collaborative Community Housing and Homelessness Integration Committee is approved by Council, a transition plan will be developed to ensure there is no interruption of service.

FAQ Backgrounder - New housing and homelessness governance model proposed (pdf)

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