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Red Deer City Council sworn in today

October 25, 2021 6:12 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

Red Deer’s new City Council was sworn in today, each member officially accepting the Oath of the Office during a ceremony held at the Cambridge Hotel this afternoon.

Each member of City Council, including Red Deer’s new Mayor Ken Johnston, were in attendance.

“Today’s ceremony is a humbling experience that signals a new era for Red Deer City Council,” said Mayor Ken Johnston. “We will move forward armed with all of the knowledge and experience that came before us as we welcome four new City Councillors into the fold. I am confident that we, as a City Council, are all committed to representing the views and perspectives of our many citizens as we continue to navigate the pandemic and set a path forward for our great city.”

The eight City Councillors who were sworn in today include Michael Dawe, Cindy Jefferies, Dianne Wyntjes, Lawrence Lee, Bruce Buruma, Vesna Higham, Kraymer Barnstable, Victor Doerksen, in addition to Mayor Ken Johnston.

Council will begin their two-week long orientation process on Tuesday, October 26, with the first official Council meeting of this term taking place on Monday, November 15.

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