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City Council to consider policy changes that will influence The City’s snow and ice response

June 8, 2023 3:59 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

How roads are maintained in all four seasons is on the agenda for Monday’s regular City Council meeting, including The City’s approach towards residential snow and ice control.

Administration is seeking Council’s approval on a revised Integrated and Accessible Transportation Policy that guides how the transportation network is maintained. The four guiding principles are:

  1. Safe: The infrastructure systems encompassing all modes of transportation is safety through a priority-based ranking system to ensure critical infrastructure and services are maintained first. A mobility hierarchy is also proposed that will prioritize the movement of motorized vehicles first, followed by pedestrians and transit, with on-street parking restored once mobility is realized.  
  2. Accessible: Users can get to where they need to with minimal barriers to mobility. Should barriers exist, The City will work to re-establish uninterrupted access in a timely manner and free of impediments.
  3. Well Maintained: Users experience well maintained roads, trails, sidewalks, and transit stops through all four seasons with commitments to flexible responsive service, ride comfort and experience, preparedness and equity.  
  4. Accountable: Citizens can access the policy, know how to access information, be well informed of the program and schedule and understand their role in supporting a multi-modal community.

“We know our community was frustrated by our snow response last winter, and through this policy revision, we are looking to gain operational flexibility to respond more proactively to our roads and restore mobility throughout our community sooner,” said Greg Sikora, Manager of Parks and Public Works. “This is a four-season policy, and while this will heavily influence our maintenance approach in winter, it will also apply the same principles to things like street sweeping, pothole repair, and other road maintenance activities.”

Should Council approve the revised Integrated and Accessible Transportation Policy, changes would come into effect for the 2023/2024 winter season. To view the agenda, visit .

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