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City of Red Deer and Red Deer County review Intermunicipal Development Plan

June 7, 2023 3:44 PM
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(Red Deer, Alberta)

Continuing their collaborative effort towards future developments and growth in Central Alberta, The City of Red Deer and Red Deer County met today to continue work on updating the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP).

The Regional Collaboration Committee (RCC) is comprised of the Mayors and two Councillors from both The City of Red Deer and Red Deer County Councils. The committees’ purpose is to continue to act as a catalyst for growing partnership opportunity in the region, building off the work of the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF). The RCC is a forum to discuss issues and opportunities that have impact to both local municipalities. The intent is for the committee to develop recommendations for collaboration efforts that support equitable regional partnership. One of the items near the top of the list for the RCC is the review and adoption of a new IDP. The IDP was adopted in 2007, and both Council’s agree it is time for a fulsome review.

“We are thankful to have established a collaborative mindset, and open, positive communication with Red Deer County. We know we can accomplish so much more together and want to send a strong message that the region is open for business,” said City of Red Deer Mayor, Ken Johnston. “We are working together to ensure regional citizen issues are jointly considered by each municipality and infrastructure and servicing efficiencies are maximized to the mutual benefit of the citizens.”

“Our joint vision for this IDP fosters prosperity and growth that will bring benefits to the Central Alberta region as a whole. We are working well together, and we want to continue that momentum,” said Red Deer County Mayor, Jim Wood. “Our hope is that this agreement will spark mutually beneficial partnership opportunities, while respecting each municipality’s independence, individual culture, character and development preferences. Together we will provide a good quality of life to our regional citizens.”

Both Red Deer County and The City of Red Deer agree that a strong relationship and ongoing dialogue remains critical as they move forward with planning for each municipality. They are committed to make this a top priority to ensure the region is investment ready.

Next steps of the process are to continue working with RCC towards a draft IDP in the fall of this year. Following that, there will be public consultation, further Council review and the goal is to have a new IDP presented to both Councils by year-end for adoption. In addition, Mayors of The City and County will be travelling together for a joint economic development opportunity later this month to Paris, France.

Intermunicipal Development Plans are approved by Council in both municipalities. Planners refer to these documents to make recommendations to Council for managing or changing land use, and to address growth issues in a way that respects the interests of the County and the municipalities they share a border with. The IDP meeting also serves as an opportunity to discuss the RCC’s work and other matters of mutual interest.

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