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First quarterly report card released highlighting progress on Council’s Strategic Plan

June 8, 2023 3:53 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

On Monday’s regular City Council meeting, Council will receive a report card from City administration highlighting the progress that was made in the first quarter of 2023 towards achieving Council’s Strategic Plan.

“When Council approved their Strategic Plan in November 2022, the plan included outcomes and indicators for the first time, and City administration committed to ongoing and regular reporting on our progress towards the key outcomes,” said Karen Smilar, Divisional Strategist. “Each quarter, Council will receive a report card that highlights key work that happened, as well as the data that demonstrates how that progress is being tracked.”

Council’s Strategic Plan is divided into three key focus areas: Thriving City, Community Health & Wellbeing and Connected & Engaged City. These focus areas contain aspirational goals and outcomes to achieve by 2026. Through this Strategic Plan, The City has taken an intentional shift to focusing on outcomes, which speak to the impact of our work. The key highlights from Q1 2023 include a focus on 7 of the 15 Strategic Plan outcomes, with work occurring on all 15 outcomes.

“The Strategic Plan is Council’s priorities for administration and is a key planning document for us at The City, connected to larger framework called the Integrated Planning Framework which links The City’s corporate plans,” said Lisa Perkins, General Manager Corporate Services. “Plans are only good if we also measure their success and impact, and through the regular reporting of the Strategic Plan we are ensuring that we are actually achieving what we intend to.”

To view the report card, and to learn more about the Strategic Plan, visit the page.

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