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Mayors of City and County travel to Paris to showcase Central Alberta region economic opportunities

June 15, 2023 9:42 AM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

Next week Mayor Ken Johnston of The City of Red Deer and Mayor Jim Wood of Red Deer County will be in Le Bourget, France to embark on an exciting opportunity for economic development and growth for the central Alberta region. This trip is aimed at highlighting that Central Alberta is open and ready for business on the global stage.

The trip is organized by the Government of Alberta, and in partnership with Red Deer Regional Airport will provide an opportunity to attend the Paris Air Show and showcase Central Alberta as a competitive aerospace sector which continues to evolve and is highly regarded in the global aerospace industry.

“Mayor Wood and I will be planting seeds that Central Alberta is the preferred place of doing business in Alberta, that we are an emerging logistics hub, and we are preparing Red Deer for an exciting future,” said Mayor Johnston. “Paris, with its vibrant economy and position as a global business center, provides an ideal platform for us to share the unique opportunities and advantages Central Alberta offers. By participating in this economic development trip and attending the airshow, we aim to foster new relationships, explore investment prospects, and attract global enterprises to our doorstep.”

“Over the years, throughout my 19-year tenure with Red Deer County, I have witnessed tremendous growth and development in both the County and City that is fueled by the dedication and innovation of our local businesses and entrepreneurs. Central Alberta has become a hub of economic activity, attracting investments, and creating jobs. We are now taking the next step to highlight the immense potential of our region to international partners and the partnerships forged during this trip will pave the way for increased trade, knowledge exchange, and collaboration, leading to mutual benefits for all involved,” remarked Mayor Wood.

Mayor’s Wood and Johnston will engage in productive discussions and meetings with government officials, industry leaders, and potential investors, highlighting the strategic advantages of the region, including central location, skilled workforce, diverse economy, and a welcoming business environment. They will work to demonstrate that both The City of Red Deer and Red Deer County are an ideal destination for businesses seeking growth and prosperity.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to Red Deer County and Red Deer Regional Airport for joining hands with us on this journey and to the Government of Alberta for bringing the opportunity to us. Together, we are leveraging our collective strengths to put Central Alberta firmly on the global map,” said Mayor Johnston.

Presenting Central Alberta as a viable investment option will bring new opportunities to our local businesses and contribute to the overall economic vitality of our region. Mayor’s Johnston and Wood are the only Mayor’s attending the Paris Air Show from Alberta.

Expenses for the trip will be a combination of funding from the Red Deer Regional Airport, City of Red Deer and Red Deer County with a large portion personally covered by both Mayor’s.

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