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Red Deer RCMP partner with agencies to seize stolen diesel

December 20, 2019 11:56 AM

Red Deer, Alta. – An investigation that started with a complaint of a stolen fuel card led the Red Deer RCMP Crime Reduction Team to make an arrest in relation to a commercial amount of stolen diesel, along with a variety of other stolen property.

On Nov. 13, Red Deer RCMP received a complaint of a stolen fuel card from a company truck.  The card was used that day in the purchase of 1500 litres of diesel.  The Red Deer RCMP Crime Reduction Team (CRT) identified the subject responsible through the surveillance video.

On Nov. 14, Red Deer Emergency Services, Red Deer Environment Services and Red Deer Inspections and Licensing responded to a complaint of a strong odour of diesel from a residential yard and detached garage. RCMP assistance was requested.  A member of the Red Deer RCMP CRT located the suspect at his residence and arrested him for possession of the stolen diesel.  A judicial interim release hearing was held, and the suspect was released.

The City of Red Deer engaged a hydro-vac company to clean up and dispose of the diesel.  

On Nov. 15 the RCMP CRT executed a search warrant at the residence and the garage.  Several pieces of stolen property were recovered, including illicit drugs, stolen identification, outboard boat motors stolen from a sports shop and a fermenter from a brewery. An arrest warrant was obtained for the suspect while the RCMP made efforts to locate him.

On Dec. 11 during a “warrant round-up”, the suspect was arrested, in a stolen truck, at his residence. Following his arrest, RCMP observed a 45-gallon drum of dyed gas in his heated garage.  The drum was hooked up to a battery, pump and hose. RCMP engaged Red Deer Emergency Services to manage this unsafe storage.

On Dec. 12, property representatives were tasked with removing the gas.  The RCMP CRT seized more stolen property including three self contained breathing apparatuses, two chain saws and other tools believed to be from various oilfield businesses.

Adam Wade Bogusky (35), of Red Deer, is facing the following charges:

  • Related to Nov. 14 theft: possession of property obtained by crime and two counts of theft of credit card
  • Related to Nov. 15 search warrant: 10 counts of possession of property obtained by crime, trafficking in stolen property, two counts of illegal possession of government documents and one charge of possession of methamphetamine.
  • Related to an unrelated Nov. 30 incident: one charge of uttering counterfeit money
  • Related to the Dec. 11 arrest and subsequent search: possession of stolen property, fraudulent concealment and other additional charges.
  • With assistance from the City of Red Deer, Alberta Transportation Dangerous Goods Inspector and Alberta Tax and Revenue Administration, RCMP laid charges under the Alberta Dangerous Goods and the Alberta Fuel Tax Acts.  

A judicial interim release hearing has been held and Bogusky has been released on conditions to appear in court next on Jan. 9, 2020 at the Provincial Court in Red Deer.


Media Contacts:

Cpl Matthew Strader

Red Deer RCMP Crime Reduction Team