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Notify Red Deer will send you notifications quickly during emergencies, but you can also sign up to get reminders about parking restrictions during Snow Zone plowing, street sweeping and cart collection pickup, too! Choose how you want your alerts – by text, email or phone.
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Already signed up? Log in to your account and make sure your information is up to date or to update your subscription preferences to sign up to receive these alerts:

  • Snow Zone Alerts: get a text*, email or phone call the evening before parking restrictions take effect in your area.
  • Street Sweeping Alerts: get a text*, email or phone call the evening before parking restrictions take effect in your area.
  • Cart Collection Alerts: get a text* the night before your garbage day, with a reminder of what two carts to place out for collection that day. 

*Standard message rates may apply to text message alerts.

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Emergency Alerts

Notify Red Deer is our primary notification system, but in an emergency, we may also use Alert Ready and Alberta Emergency Alerts to reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

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What is Notify Red Deer?

Notify Red Deer is a mass notification system that allows The City of Red Deer to send messages quickly to residents during emergency and non-emergency situations. You enter your contact methods (email, text or phone call), select your preferred way to receive alerts, and which addresses in Red Deer you want to receive alerts for. Notify Red Deer has replaced the traditional registered phone call out system using during emergency situations. It is also the same system that sends out snow zone plowing information to residents.

How do you contact residents?

Notify Red Deer will send you alerts you have chosen to receive. The exception to this is emergency alerts. There is no ability to opt out of emergency alerts. Notify Red Deer will first send a message to your preferred contact method, and if that message is not confirmed it will send to your other contact methods provided.

White Page data is also in the system for emergency notifications, and these contacts will only receive phone call messages.

Residents are asked to sign up and input their contact information, preferred communication method and addresses. Texting* and email are the fastest way to receive alerts from Notify Red Deer.

*Standard message rates may apply to text message alerts.

Why are text and email alerts faster than a phone call?

Digital methods of sending messages, including text and email are the quickest ways to receive notifications as it lessens the number of landlines involved in receiving a notification.

How does this work differently than other communication methods?

The City currently has a variety of tools to disseminate information to affected individuals. These include, but are not limited to, various email sign-ups, social media, traditional registered phone call out system (only used during emergency situations), website, and news releases. While many of these options will still be utilized (social media, website, and news releases), Notify Red Deer allows The City to streamline these messages and reach a large audience within a short period of time. 

What if my contact information changes?

You own and manage the information linked to your profile. At any time you can log in, and change your information.

Can I opt out?

Notify Red Deer is The City’s main method to contact you in an emergency situation, at any time you can change your subscription preferences for non-emergency notifications. The only way to completely opt-out is to delete your profile.

Do you send test alerts?

Notify Red Deer is tested periodically. Test events are necessary to prepare for when we need to send critical information to residents in the event of an emergency or unfolding situation. Residents are asked to update their Notify Red Deer profile before the test event, so they can receive an alert in the way they want. Residents can update their profile at any time.

How do I sign up for Snow Zone alerts?

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When you sign up to Notify Red Deer, select Snow Zone Alerts to get a text, email or phone call so you know when to move your vehicle before we plow your Snow Zone.

*Please note that you need to create a Notify Red Deer account as this system is different than your MyCity account. If you have any questions, please call 403-342-8111.

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