Social Disorder

We all want a healthy, clean and safe community, but with increased drug use and homelessness in Red Deer, unwanted behaviours and activities such as loitering and needle debris are also on the rise. We are doing what we can to support those experiencing addictions and or homelessness; however, more funding and support is needed if we want to minimize the ever-growing affect these activities have on our community.

Photo of used drug needles laying on the ground along with pieces of garbage

Needle Debris

Even a small percentage of improperly disposed needles represent a significant health and safety issue for all citizens.

Photo of blue shopping cart filled with homeless person's belongings

Shopping Carts

Use and abandonment of shopping carts in Red Deer has increased.

Photo of homeless woman sitting in store entryway as two other women walk past


The City of Red Deer and its partners continue to respond to complaints of loitering and plan for places and spaces where we can minimize the negative behaviours that sometimes result from people congregating in public spaces

Photo of a boarded up, run down house

Derelict Properties

Derelict properties are private properties that are deserted or neglected by the owner.