Public Works Week

Public Works Week is a national celebration of the people who build, operate and maintain the systems that serve residents. Here in Red Deer, that describes more than just our Public Works department, and so we're here today to celebrate the staff in our Parks, Environmental Services, Transit, Electric Light & Power and Public Works departments.

Our featured staff members for 2019 are listed below.

Mary Curtis, Dave Amendt, Tracy Seppala, Marilyn Moore, Terry Rowley and Gord Murchie, Blue and Black Cart Delivery Team - Environmental Services

photo of the Cart Delivery Team, Environmental ServicesBetween March 18 and April 18, 57,400 Blue and Black Carts were delivered to Red Deer households. While deliveries were happening, Jim Stock, Leanne Christensen, Larry Corsiatto and Ryszard Kozlowski came out of their retirements to head out to our neighbourhoods answering questions from residents who had just received their carts. Behind the scenes, Mary Curtis, Dave Amendt, Tracy Seppala, Marilyn Moore, Terry Rowley and Gord Murchie were coordinating the delivery contractor, answering resident’s emails, troubleshooting issues as they arose, tracking down lost carts and generally looking after the wide variety of things that came up while cart delivery was in process.

This team has been working on bringing the cart program to the city since 2015 when the Green Cart pilot began. Throughout the project, the team has maintained clear goals of reducing the amount of garbage going to the landfill, improving our waste collection services to keep up with industry trends and ensuring residents are well supported as they adjust to program changes.

Thank you to the Cart Delivery Team for your hard work and dedication to bringing this important program to Red Deer!

Rick Gosselin, Parks Foreman 2 - Parks

photo of Rick Gosselin - ParksRick is a Parks Foreman 2 with the Recreation, Parks and Culture Section in the Parks Amenities Cemetery Services area and currently leads the area’s Cemetery Operations crew. Rick started with the Parks Amenities Department (Cemetery Services) in 1993 as a Laborer and Equipment Operator until 2013, when he stepped into the Foreman 2 position for Cemetery Services.

Throughout his time with Parks, Rick has become one of the most engaged Foreman in the Health and Safety program and has been amazing at assisting in the coordinated development and construction of the Alto Reste Cemetery, as well as its current expansion plan. He has always maintained high standards in his work and that of his crew. Rick is known for his attention to detail, commitment to customer service, patience, diligence, and willingness to learn and these traits are easily seen in the operation of both the Red Deer Cemetery and Alto Reste Cemetery.

When Rick is not at work, he is an avid outdoors enthusiast – he loves camping, hiking and especially the thrill of bow hunting. 

Thank you Rick for your continued high standards in service delivery and your attention to detail. Your knowledge in Cemetery Services is a definite asset to the Parks section!

Darren Gimbel, Action Bus Operator - Transit

photo of Darren Gimbel, TransitDarren has been a big part of the Red Deer Transit team for more than ten years. With an extensive knowledge of the city, he is a go-to person whenever someone needs a hand, whether it’s to find an address or just needs help. Darren is committed to making the department a better place, always trying to build on what we do to make it better for the long term.

When Darren is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife Colette, daughter Calliea and son Kian. In the summer, they enjoy camping and fishing together, and in the winter they love to travel. This year took them on a family cruise to the Hawaiian Islands!

Thank you Darren for your hard work and dedication to Red Deer Transit!

Marty Graham, Journeyman Powerline Technician - Electric Light & Power

Photo of Marty Graham, EL&PEnsuring the safe, reliable supply of electricity to the homes and businesses in Red Deer is the heart of what the Electric Light & Power department does. As our population grows and technology continues to evolve, we depend a great deal on the skill and dedication of our staff to “keep the lights on.” Marty Graham, one of the Powerline Technicians responsible for the electric distribution system in Red Deer, followed six of his brothers into a career dedicated to building and maintaining the grid during the day and responding to trouble whenever it arises… rain or shine, day or night. Regardless of the situation they are put in, Marty and his co-workers are focused on the safety and security of our residents and keep public safety as priority number one while they do their job. It is the positive attitude and professionalism of people like Marty that helps to ensure we have one of the most reliable electric distribution systems around!


While the work can be demanding at times, Marty does enjoy his downtime and keeps busy with home renovation projects and exploring some of the more interesting corners of the world whenever he gets the chance.  Thank you Marty for your service to our city!

Jessie Rothenburger, Daneen Cariou, Alana Meyer, Public Works Administrative Clerks - Public Works

Photo of Jessie, Daneen and Alana - Public WorksJessie, Daneen, and Alana work together to help welcome you to Public Works and provide any support you may need. From snow and ice to roadway reconstruction, they are an extraordinary team working together to ensure your questions are answered. This amazing team also processes accounts payable and accounts receivable, initiates work management service requests, supports general account duties, processes payroll entries and more, serving as the backbone to Public Works operations. 

Jessie is always willing to take on new challenges and explore opportunities to improve our services. Outside of work, Jessie spends time with her son, Lucas, and her husband, Travis. She loves baking with her son, and making delicious treats together. 

Daneen is great at supporting our team, as well as other Departments, especially when it comes to excavation permits. Daneen can often be found enjoying the beautiful outdoors. She enjoys taking road trips on her motorbike down to the United States and throughout Canada, as well as exploring the deep blue sea, scuba diving. 

Alana strives to be informed so she can help answer your inquiries. Alana's loves summer excursions, snorkeling, and soaking in the beautiful sun rays. She also likes to unwind with a good book or go for a long walk in the great outdoors! 

Thank you Jessie, Daneen, and Alana for you dedication, contributions, and positive spirit that help shape Public Works and our City. We couldn't do it without you, and we are grateful to have you part of our team!