Red Tape Reduction Strategy

Simplifying City Services: Red Tape Reduction Strategy

Since 2018, in response to provincial efforts to prioritize Red Tape Reduction among Alberta’s municipalities, and in response to community and stakeholder feedback, The City of Red Deer has made Red Tape Reduction and Customer Service one of our top organizational priorities.

The goal is to improve customer experiences and encourage local economic activity through the identification and removal of non-essential procedures, processes and requirements that add to the cost of dealing with The City of Red Deer (time or money), where public safety, financial prudence, or legislative compliance are not compromised.

In early 2020, The City surveyed groups such as BILD, Red Deer Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Business Association and other key organizations who regularly deal with The City of Red Deer. Responses to that survey informed a prioritized list of 30 recommended actions.

Additionally, for 2020 and 2021, the Province of Alberta required municipalities to report on Red Tape Reduction activities in order to receive Municipal Stimulus Program funding.

Read the list of ways we have worked to improve the experience of doing business with The City. (pdf)

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