Red Deer's economy comprises of a combination of many industries that provide over 65,000 jobs. The top three employers in the city are The City of Red Deer, Olymel, and Red Deer College each providing around 1,500 jobs.

Red Deer has a very skilled and educated work force with over 4,000 businesses providing employment in Red Deer.

Data from Statistics Canada, the Alberta Government and the Central Alberta Economic Development Partnership state the following comparisons.  

Labour StatisticsRed DeerAlbertaCanada
Participation Rate 77.6% 72.7% 65.8%
Unemployment Rate 8% 8.5% 6.9%

Top Occupations in Red Deer

The Central Alberta Economic Partnership Community Overview for 2016 shows there are a total of 65,581 jobs in Red Deer with the top three occupations providing 57.5 per cent of the jobs. The top three occupation fields are identified as:

OccupationNumber of Jobs in 2016Growth
Sales and Service  14,192 8%
Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators 13,365 9.5%
Business, Finance and Administration 10,207 8%

The Top Industries in Red Deer:

Industry Number of jobsPercentage of total Red Deer jobs
Retail trade 8,416 13%
Health care and social assistance 8,009 12%
Construction 6,303 10%

Other significant industries in Red Deer include, Mining, Quarry, Oil and Gas Extraction, Manufacturing, Accommodation and Food Services, Educational Services, Public Administration, and Professional, Scientific and Technical Services. 

Post Secondary Labour Development

Red Deer College is one reason for our highly skilled and educated workforce. The College is home to the Centre of Innovation in Manufacturing. The Centre currently houses 4.2 million dollars in cutting edge, industry-leading, prototype and advanced manufacturing equipment, This equipment helps make graduates from the Centre some of the most sought after in Alberta and Canada. These graduates can enter the workforce immediately after graduation and directly impact the strength of Red Deer's manufacturing industry, making it one of the strongest in Canada. Red Deer College works directly with local businesses to develop customized trade apprenticeships and training programs to keep up with the changing needs of industry.  

Red Deer is also home to the Donald School of Business which has been located in downtown Red Deer since 2010. The Donald School of Business has over 1,000 students enrolled in 14 programs including business administration, management, marketing, human resources and many others. In each year over 300 graduates come out of these programs and are ready to join our strong business and financial sector. 

Red Deer College has over 7,000 full-time students, offering certificates, diplomas and degrees in over 75 different career and academic programs and is a major asset to Red Deer and Central Alberta's economy. 

Education Levels (ages 25-64)

Highest Level of Education Attainment%Total number of people
No certificate, diploma or degree 14 8,594
High school diploma or equivalent 25 15,505
Apprenticeship or trades certificate or diploma 13 8,250
Others college 27 16,489
University certificate, diploma, or degree at bachelor level or above 18 11,129