Admission Categories and Definitions

The City of Red Deer's Safe & Healthy Communities department uses a set of category types to defined our admission and pass fees.

Adult (18+) 18 years and older, but under the age of 65 years.
Senior (65+) 65 years of age and older.
Student (18+) A person who is attending a post secondary educational institution. Valid ID from the post secondary institution must be provided.
Youth (13-17) 13 years of age, but less than 18 years.
Child (3-12) 3 years of age, but less than 13 years.
Infant (0-2) A person who has not yet had their 3rd birthday.
Family Consists of up to two adults and his/her/their children/youth, living in the same residence. Proof of legal guardianship and residency may be required.

 Resident Definition

  • Resident: Citizens of the City of Red Deer or residents of Red Deer County.
  • Non-Resident: Residents of other counties and municipalities excluding Red Deer County and the City of Red Deer.

For additional information contact Safe & Healthy Communities or call 403-309-8411.

If you wish to appeal the definitions, you can send a letter of appeal to the Director of Community Services at Box 5008, Red Deer, Alberta, T4N 3T4, or email Community Services.

To review the program and service admission fees that relate to these definitions, please refer to the Admission Fees page.