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City Council passes first reading of Community Standards Bylaw amendments

April 25, 2022 6:22 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

First reading of several amendments to the Community Standards Bylaw were passed by City Council at their regular meeting today with a request for more information to come back for second and third reading.

The Community Standards Bylaw, originally adopted in 2007, is used as a means of regulating certain activities, including noise, nuisances, unsightly premises, and public disturbances. It has proven successful over the years in improving the aesthetics of the community. The bylaw is frequently used by the Inspections & Licensing and Municipal Policing Services (MPS) departments, as well as the RCMP to enforce behavioural and property related regulations.

The bylaw was revised in April 2021 to include more provisions for vacant buildings and chronic nuisance properties.

The proposed amendments are a result of public participation, operational needs and previous direction received from Council, and include:

  • Prohibiting the keeping of livestock on residential sites within the city
  • Regulations for shopping carts
  • Addressing vehicle noise and noise on private property

 The amendment involving livestock is intended to fill a gap until a full animal bylaw can be approved by Council, anticipated by the end of 2022. There is a need to address this specific category now, to address the ever-increasing volume of inquiries for residential livestock. The amendment recommends no livestock to be allowed on a residential site and sets out a penalty for those in breach of the bylaw. This is in alignment with what The City heard during previous public engagement on keeping animals within our city.

New regulations for shopping carts may prohibit abandoning a cart on the street and removing a cart from a business’ property. Additionally, administration will bring back further information for second and third reading after fielding numerous questions from City Council on this item.

The challenge of noise has existed in the community for many years. Increased complaints regarding vehicle noise indicates it continues to be a significant concern for citizens. The proposed bylaw amendment includes a recommended decibel (dBA) level for a vehicle while at idle and while at speed greater than idling, 92 dBA and 96 dBA respectively, with a penalty of $250 for non-compliance.

Several options related to residential noise were presented for Council’s consideration, ranging from very broad to very specific regulations. After researching other Alberta municipalities’ practices, Administration recommended against a time restriction or specific decibel level. 

Second and third readings of the bylaw amendments related to noise and livestock are scheduled to take place at the Monday, May 9, 2022, regular City Council meeting with second and third readings of the amendments related to shopping carts expected back in approximately six to eight weeks.

For more information, contact:

Corporate Communications
The City of Red Deer

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