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Immunization bylaw policy approved for Council

January 31, 2022 7:55 PM
(Red Deer, Alberta)

An immunization policy that applies to members of City Council and volunteers appointed to Council boards and committees was approved today. Council voted in favour of the policy, which comes into effect immediately.

“As elected officials, we need to lead by example in the response to COVID-19. This policy is reflective of our goal in protecting ourselves and our community while doing what we can to safeguard our health care system,” said Mayor Ken Johnston. “This policy which applies to Council, reflects that it is important to remain diligent.”

Per the new Council policy, if a member of Council or volunteer appointed to a Council board or committee is not fully immunized, they must provide proof of negative rapid antigen test to attend an in-person meeting or event when representing The City. The requirement for rapid testing for those who have not provided proof of immunization comes into effect February 7, 2022.

“We recognize that councillors and Council volunteers often have unplanned or spontaneous meetings with citizens, whether that be at a grocery store or the mall. The policy is not intended to govern those sorts of interactions, and only applies to formal meetings or events which the councillor or volunteer has been requested to attend by the mayor or by Council to represent The City,” said Johnston.

The Council immunization bylaw policy stems from a Notice of Motion put forward by Councillor Cindy Jefferies in 2021. Council then directed administration to research a potential policy and bring forward for Council’s consideration.

The Council Immunization Bylaw Policy 3679/2022 will be posted on The City’s website in the coming days at

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