Future Shelter

The City of Red Deer is working with the Province of Alberta to coordinate the development of a purpose-built integrated shelter in Red Deer. The shelter will be designed to respond to the long-term social needs of our vulnerable population. Council has advocated for a housing-focused shelter model where a move to permanent accommodations is prioritized, helping to ensure shelter stays are brief, rare, and non-reoccurring.

Over the past decade, temporary emergency shelter solutions have been implemented but these have not been designed spaces to support service delivery to those who are facing homelessness and addictions. People in the social service sector have worked tirelessly to support those in need, but they need our support to advocate and implement long-term strategies that will be mutually beneficial.

Purpose-built, in reference to the future shelter, refers to the design of the building and the spaces and amenities that are included. The design and build should meet the needs of those who will access the services offered, as well as supporting the surrounding neighbourhood and the community. The City and the province will work with the community to identify the necessary components of the build, ensuring its success as part of a continuum of social support services offered in Red Deer.

When we refer to the future shelter as being “integrated”, it means that the facility will include a variety of services to help the immediate needs of our vulnerable population, including a primary focus on their journey to obtaining and retaining permanent housing. Services that support an individual’s immediate needs can include items like food, laundry, a safe place to sleep, and medical services. Other services that may be considered in the permanent shelter include services like addiction and mental health support, help in obtaining identification, support in obtaining income, among other services. Some services may be permanent fixtures in the shelter, while others may be temporary or satellite offices.


Project Progress

Learn about the permanent shelter progress since the funding was announced in 2020.

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Get Involved

A meaningful public participation strategy is being finalized that will increase trust and transparency through community conversations and information sharing. Find out how you can be involved.

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Roles & Responsibilities

A Memorandum of Understanding outlines high level responsibilities for the permanent shelter process. Those high level details can be found here.

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