Emmanuel Jarus

Emmanuel Jarus is a Canadian-born artist and muralist inspired by the visual human experience. His work reimagines how art can exist in public spaces. For the past 10 years, Jarus has been working with communities across Canada and around the globe to produce large-scale portraits and figures among other images on wall surfaces. They can be found within major cities as well as across rural settings. He has had notable international recognition as a contemporary muralist and figurative painter.

It is Jarus' mission as an artist to observe life, interpret and visually reflect these experiences through his mural work. Allowing space for the mural to organically create itself takes precedence as the site's surroundings primarily inform the mural content. A combination of acrylic, latex and aerosol paint is used to create representations of the people and landscapes he’s inspired by along his travels.

Instagram: @youngjarus