Leading Forward Economic Incentives

What could your development or business do with some extra cash? Apply for a rebate today.
Leading Forward Economic Incentives Program - Advancing Red Deer as an Economic Leader

Property owners and developers in the Greater Downtown Area can apply for one of the following rebates:

  1. Residential and Mixed Use Development Rebate
  2. Façade and Storefront Improvement and CPTED Rebate

Applications are now closed.

Residential and Mixed Use Development Grant – Greater Downtown Area
Fostering activity in the downtown

To promote the development of newly constructed multifamily residential and/or mixed-use (commercial and residential in same building) projects in our Greater Downtown Area (pdf), The City of Red Deer is offering a lump sum grant for new construction projects.

The program will make it easy for residents to choose to live in our city’s core, along with increasing activity and growth opportunities for our city’s businesses in the greater downtown.


This program may provide funding in the following amounts:

Construction ValueGrant Amount
<$1 million $50,000
$1-2.5 million $150,000
$2.5-4 million $200,000
>$4 million $250,000

Eligibility criteria

  • Only mixed use or multi-family zoned properties within the Greater Downtown Area (pdf) are eligible for this program
  • Eligible projects shall consist of the construction of new self-contained medium-to-high density residential and mixed-use dwelling units
  • Renovations to dwelling units that were in existence prior to adoption of this program are ineligible due to the program targeting new development or redevelopment within the downtown
  • Projects, where rent or sale value is subsidized by any government entity, a non-profit organization or a cooperative, or where tax relief is provided, are ineligible for this program
  • Projects must be a minimum of two storeys in height
  • Units must be at least 600 square feet
  • Projects must incorporate a variety of unit sizes
  • Overall, units must average 800 square feet
  • Construction must meet all applicable building safety codes, development requirements and comply with Land Use Bylaw requirements upon completion

Eligible expenses

  • Architect fees
  • Engineering fees
  • Construction or building expenses
  • Utility infrastructure upgrades
  • Project permit fees (development permit, building permit and/or other permit fees required for the installation of related building services)
Façade and Storefront Improvement Rebate
Downtown Pride

To increase a sense of downtown pride through an investment in beautification and timely restoration of property, The City of Red Deer is offering a matching rebate for façade, signage or security-related improvements.

This category supports the addition of inviting and engaging storefronts that are aesthetically pleasing and maximize the appeal of our downtown.


  • This program is intended to provide a matching (50 percent of total costs) rebate to businesses in the Greater Downtown Area up to:
    • a maximum of $20,000 for upgrades to single façades;
    • a maximum of $30,000 for properties with 2 street facing facades;
    • a maximum of $2,500 for perpendicular signage improvements; and
    • maximum of $10,000 for CPTED improvements.
  • A single address may apply for multiple incentives.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only commercial and retail properties within the Greater Downtown Area (pdf) are eligible for this program.
  • Applicant or property owner must not be in arrears in municipal taxes or utilities, or any other municipal charge.
  • Property must meet all applicable building safety codes, development requirements and must comply with zoning requirements upon completion.
  • Work that is underway at the time of application, or that had occurred prior to application, is not considered eligible. Where partial work has occurred prior to application, only work occurring after application approval to this program will be considered.

Eligible Expenses

  • CPTED improvements must be derived from recommendations coming from certified CPTED practitioner (The Central Albert Crime Prevention Centre offers free CPTED assessments). Shutters, bars, or other forms of “defensive architecture” will not be funded.
  • Project permit fees.