Environmental Master Plan

The Environmental Master Plan (EMP) serves as a guide to improve environmental performance in our city by setting goals and recommending actions to achieve those goals.
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The 2019 Environmental Master Plan (pdf) identifies six focus areas: water, ecology, community design, air, energy and waste. See our progress in each focus area by clicking on the tiles below.

EMP Water Tile


Goal: To improve the quality of our water resources and increase water conservation.

EMP Waste Tile


Goal: To decrease the amount of waste going to landfill and increase waste diversion opportunities.

EMP Energy Tile


Goal: To reduce energy use and move towards using renewable energy sources.

EMP Ecology Tile


Goal: To protect and enhance the terrestrial and aquatic health of the natural heritage system.

EMP Community Design Tile

Community Design

Goal: To plan and build a well-connected, sustainable community that contributes to a quality of life for residents.

EMP Air Tile


Goal: To improve air quality and reduce emissions.

Highlights of achievements

Much has been accomplished since 2019, including:

  • 85% of the metrics are achieving or partly achieving the targets with significant progress for water, residential waste, pesticide use, fuel consumption and transportation emissions.
  • Provided funding to five projects in 2023 through the Environmental Initiatives grant and facilitated connections between community groups.
  • Achieved water loss and water use targets through water conservation programs and automatic metering technology.
  • Provided energy reduction programs for residents including a smart thermostat rebate, LED exchange program and energy efficiency workshops.
  • Celebrated 2022 as the Year of the Garden to provide citizens with enhanced opportunities to learn to garden, grow food and care for green spaces.
  • Declared the Civic Yards site an idle-free zone building off of The City’s idle-free policy to reduce emissions from vehicles and improve air quality.
  • Upgraded the residuals management facility to improve the City’s water treatment process, lessen impacts to fish and reduce energy use.
  • Planted over 1,800 trees and 5,100 seedlings in 2023 to increase tree species and canopy.