Water Quality

We are committed to maintaining high standards for your drinking water.

About your water

Drinking WaterIs my water safe to drink?

Yes your drinking water is safe  to use year round.
Routine laboratory sampling and monitoring are completed to ensure all water quality parameters meet and exceed the acceptable limits outlined in the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality and by Alberta Environment and Parks.

Source of Red Deer’s drinking water

Drinking water for the City of Red Deer is drawn from the Red Deer River, treated and delivered into the distribution system for consumption.

Water quality during the spring

High river flows in the spring due to snow melt leads to higher river turbidity and increased organic material. Spring runoff has the following sensory effects on treated drinking water quality:

Taste and odour

Spring runoff contains dead and decaying organic material that can cause disagreeable tastes and odours. During the spring runoff the water treatment plant uses additional chemicals such as potassium permanganate and powder activated carbon (PAC) to help control changes in taste and odour.

Water color

High levels of organic material in the river will stain the water brown, similar to the action of tea leaves. The treatment process removes most of the color. During high color conditions some of the color may be carried into the finished drinking water.

Chlorine odour

Higher chlorine doses may be required when raw water quality deteriorates during spring runoff, flooding, and heavy rainfalls. The chlorine reacts with a small harmless amount of organic material left in the water that may cause a musty/chlorine odour.

Why is fluoride in drinking water?

The City of Red Deer adds fluoride to treated drinking water as directed by Alberta Environment and Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality for your dental health protection.

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