Communicating with Council

City Council is interested in what you have to say. Your opinions and concerns help Council make informed decisions on everything from City policies and bylaws, to the street and traffic lights in your neighbourhood.

Is there a particular Councillor that represents my neighbourhood?

As Red Deer is not divided into constituencies or wards, each member of Council represents the community as a whole. This means that you are welcome to contact any member of Council to discuss your opinions or concerns.

Does talking to a Councillor about an item/issue mean it will be considered at a Council Meeting?

No. There is a procedure you will need to follow in order for an item to be considered at a Council Meeting (see Getting on the Agenda). In many instances, issues can be dealt with administratively and do not need to be placed on a Council Agenda.

How can I reach a member of Council?

Councillors are accessible via telephone or e-mail (see City Council Profiles).

You can also write to members of Council at:

City Council
c/o Legislative Services
City Hall
Box 5008
Red Deer, AB T4N 3T4

The Legislative Services Department will ensure your concerns are forwarded as requested.