Energy & Water Conservation Toolkit

The Energy & Water Conservation Toolkit can help you make your home more energy and water efficient. With easy to use tools, a user guide, and tips and strategies, you will be able to complete your own home assessment to help you conserve your utilities and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Reserve an Energy & Water Conservation Toolkit or a FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera today! Available at the Red Deer Public Library.

photo of different tools used in the energy and water conservation toolkitThese kits include:

  1. Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor: Measures the amount of electricity used by electronic devices when turned on, turned off and in standby settings.
  2. Infrared Thermometer: Measures the temperature of surfaces to help identify areas in your home that would benefit from increased weather proofing and insulation.
  3. Freezer/Refrigerator Thermometer: Measures the temperature of your fridge and freezer to ensure they are set to the optimal level. Incorrect settings could lead to more energy being used.
  4. Drip Gauge: Measures water loss from dripping faucets or pipes so you can calculate how much water is wasted each year.
  5. Flow Meter Bag: Measures the flow rate of water from faucets and showerheads to identify if your home could benefit from installing high efficiency fixtures.
  6. Hot Water Temperature Card: Measures water temperature from fixtures to detect if the hot water tank is set to the optimal level.
  7. Digital Timer: Used with multiple items in the toolkit to ensure precise measurements.
  8. Energy and Water Conservation Toolkit User Guide (pdf) : Includes instructions to walk you through the assessment in your home.

The FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera is a great complement to a home conservation assessment, which can be completed using the Energy & Water Conservation Toolkit. This camera displays thermal images to help you detect patterns and sources of energy loss throughout your home.   

photo of a FLIR toolTwo cameras available: the FLIR Ex series and FLIR TG165.

Cameras can be used to:

  • Detect missing insulation and compromised roofing
  • HVAC air flow and equipment issues
  • Radiant heating malfunctions

These items are borrowed separately and may not be available at all branches. Contact Red Deer Public Library for information on borrowing.