Become a Fitness Instructor

Are you interested in becoming a fitness instructor? Let us help guide you through the process to a fun, fulfilling career in fitness! Learn more about the programs you need to become an instructor today!

The City of Red Deer offers these courses in coordination with Fitness Alberta. We have a certified Fitness Alberta Trainer on staff, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Step One: Fitness Alberta Foundations

The Fitness Alberta foundations in physical activity and exercise course (formerly exercise theory course) covers basic fitness principles such as anatomy, physiology, movement mechanics, training and conditioning, nutrition and leadership. Foundations in Physical Activity and Exercise is a 24-hour course and prerequisite to all other Fitness Alberta® certification courses. 

Step Two: Fitness Alberta Group Fitness and Specialty Courses

FA Group Fundamentals

This in-person course provides evidence-based foundations for you to offer group exercise classes safely and effectively. Taught by qualified Fitness Alberta trainers, topics covered include: leadership and professionalism, the basic components of a fitness class, cueing, how to use music and legal responsibility and accountability. You'll learn how to develop movement combinations, analyze exercises for their applications and benefits, and you will also learn considerations for special populations. A designation course in cycle, portable equipment, step, choreography, or mind-body may be taken separately or in combination with Group Exercise Fundamentals, depending on availability. (Designation course not included, must be booked separately). Time commitment: 12 instruction hours plus 8-16 hours designation course of your choice.

FA Cycle Designation

This 8 hour practical, evidence-informed course will cover specific information for planning and developing recreational indoor cycling classes. Topics include: bike set-up and safety, pedaling, cadence, posture, class components, music, choreography design, movement combinations, cardiovascular conditioning, instruction and cueing. All Fitness Alberta certification courses are delivered by qualified Fitness Alberta Trainers. To register for this course you have to have completed the Fitness Alberta Foundations in physical activity and exercise (formerly Exercise theory) course.

FA Portable Equipment Designation

Using portable equipment in a group exercise class helps you to incorporate elements of fitness such as balance, strength or flexibility with endless variety. This minimum 8-hour course provides the fundamental skills you need to plan and develop portable equipment classes safely and effectively. Topics include: research and guidelines for equipment use in exercise, class planning and components, use of music, exercises and movement combinations using portable equipment, instruction and cueing. The types of equipment covered in class includes, but is not limited to: free weights, body bars, barbells, stability balls, tubing, BOSU, steps, medicine balls, foam rollers. To register for the portable equipment course you need to have completed the Fitness Alberta Foundations in physical activity and exercise (formerly Exercise theory) course.

FA Mind-Body Designation

Learn how to integrate mind-body fitness traditions such as yoga, pilates and tai chi into your group fitness classes.  

This (minimum) 16 hour course offers an integrated approach to learning how to deliver exercise classes that focus on the mind and body connection. Delivered by qualified Fitness Alberta Trainers with experience in mind-body disciplines, you will learn skills and knowledge including alignment and safety; how to plan class components, movement combinations and safe progressions. 

FA Choreography Designation

If you love dance and fitness, this specialty is perfect for you. Learn how to plan and deliver safe and effective choreography-based group exercise classes. Grounded in leading practice, course topics include but are not limited to: the elements and components of a dance-based class, how to use music, apply choreography and movement combinations, safe progression and proper cueing. Depending on the experience of the instructor, a choreography class may include crossover elements such as kickboxing combinations and other high-low to moderate movements.

Step Three: Exams

More information can be found on the Fitness Alberta website here:

Step Four: Complete a Practical Assessment

More information can be found on the Fitness Alberta website here:

Step Five: Apply for your Fitness Alberta Certification

More information can be found on the Fitness Alberta website here:

*CPR Level C is required prior to certification

Enrich the lives of people in your community by teaching them how to exercise their way to a happy, healthy life!

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Steps to become a Fitness Instructor

Steps To Become A Fitness Instructor (pdf)

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