Billing Concerns

The City of Red Deer works hard to ensure the accuracy of the information on your utility bill—please help us do this by carefully reviewing your bill.

Check to ensure:

  • Your customer information is correct including your name and service address.
  • The correct services are listed on the front of your utility bill.

If your water usage seems too high:

  • Check for leaky faucets and running toilets.
  • Read the inside water meter, located inside the building and the remote device, located on the exterior of the building. Please note; some addresses do not have a remote device.
  • Report your readings for both your inside meter and outside remote on our online form at

If the readings on the inside water meter differs from the remote device, please report the difference immediately by submitting your reads online at

We will need:

  • All digits and decimal places of the reading(s) from each device,
  • Your account number,
  • Account holder’s name,
  • Home phone number,
  • Email address,
  • Service address.

Where is my water meter located?

Your water meter is located on the inside of the property, generally in the basement or a maintenance area. Usually, there is also a remote device which is attached to the exterior wall of the building which is connected to the water meter by a wire. Both devices read like an odometer on a car, however, the number of digits may be different between the devices.