Community Safety

In 2014 Red Deer City Council convened the Community Safety Ad Hoc Committee to develop the first local strategy for community safety and crime prevention. The primary goal of Red Deer's community safety strategy was to bring individuals, agencies and organizations together in an atmosphere of support to build on existing community assets while recognizing the challenges that cannot be solved in isolation.

The Community Safety Strategy report represents almost two years of dedicated effort by the Community Safety Ad Hoc Committee and offers a collective view of what is going well in Red Deer, what needs to improve, and recommendations for what should be done moving forward. The report captures community feedback, significant local data, and research on effective principles of practices in community safety and crime prevention. As per the Committee’s mandate, it proposes potential roles and responsibilities for implementing the strategy in terms of actions, governance, and funding. The resulting Community Safety Strategic Report is an actionable, strategic planning document that provides both a background on the community and a sound basis for implementing sustainable solutions for community safety in Red Deer.

Read the Community Safety Strategy (pdf)