The Poverty Cycle

Line up of 10 pairs of shoes in black and white with one pair of yellow shoes

2018 Poverty Snapshot

In 2018, The City of Red Deer and Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance (CAPRA) teamed up to better understand poverty in the city. The result is a better understanding of the factors that lead to poverty, the impact of poverty on the community, and the difficulties faced by those trying to break out of the poverty cycle. 

What is poverty?

The definition of poverty we worked with while developing this data is “People experience poverty when they lack or are denied economic, social and/or cultural resources to have a quality of life that supports and allows respectful and meaningful participation in the community.”

What is the poverty cycle?

The poverty cycle describes the various barriers those who are living in low income households face and the factors that lead to their difficulty breaking free of those barriers. See the 2018 Red Deer Poverty Cycle (pdf)  for more information. 

To read more about poverty, the affect it has on our community and the poverty reduction strategy visit the CAPRA website