Residential Request for Information

To meet the Provincial Government audit guidelines, and to assist in calculating fair valuation of all property, the assessment office must update recorded property characteristics at least once every five years.

One of the main methods currently used to update our records is periodic on-site inspections. Along with on-site inspections, we send “Residential Request for Information” forms to homeowners. Mailing these directly to residents will allow us to meet provincial guidelines and produce fair and equitable assessments more efficiently. From time to time throughout the year, the assessment office will send out "Residential Request for Information" forms to a select area of Red Deer. This form applies to those residential customers who own single family homes in the City of Red Deer.

We have launched an online portal where you can respond to the form, and the information will be automatically forwarded to the assessment office. Before you start you will need to ensure you have the Roll Number and Survey Key from your Request for Information form. Both are located on the top right corner of the form. 

Note: the portal is only available to those that have received a residential request for information in the mail in the current year.

For more information or to leave comments about the request process call 403-342-8126 or email

Launch Portal