Sanitary Sewer Main Cleaning

Sanitary Sewer Mains collect wastewater from residential, commercial and industrial sanitary sewer service lines. The wastewater travels to the Wastewater Treatment Plant and, following treatment, is released into the Red Deer River.

Clean, clear and free flowing sanitary sewer mains ensures that wastewater continues to flow to the Wastewater Treatment Plant and helps to prevent sewer blockages and backups, which could otherwise end up in the basements of nearby buildings, or overflows from sanitary sewer manholes, causing environmental concern. 

What is involved?

  • A combination vacuum truck uses high velocity jet to clean rocks, dirt, roots and debris from the sanitary sewer mains while vacuuming at the same time. It can take multiple passes to clean the sewer line, and the time to do so varies based on the size of the sewer main and the amount of debris that needs to be cleaned out.
  • The process of vacuuming rocks, dirt, roots and debris can be noisy and may be heard from a block or two away from the site.