Environmental Rebates & Action

These programs support environmental protection and help create a cleaner, greener, healthier Red Deer.

Environmental Rebates & Action

Plant Rebate - Purchase native or drought-tolerant plants from the eligible plant list and receive 50 per cent of the total cost up to $50.

Mulch Rebate - Purchase permeable mulch and receive 50 per cent of the total cost up to $50.

Rain Barrel Rebate - Purchase a rain barrel and receive a rebate of 50 per cent of the cost of the rain barrel up to $50. 

Toilet Rebate - Replace a high flow toilet with a qualifying low-flow toilet and apply for a $25 rebate.

Kick it to the Curb - Place your useful but unwanted items at the front of your property on the third full weekend of the month from May through October to be picked up by someone who can use them.

Smart Thermostat Rebate - Purchase an Energy Star certified smart thermostat and apply for a $50 rebate.

Environmental Initiatives Grant – Supports community-led projects that empower citizens to take action to achieve the vision and goals of the Environmental Master Plan.

Green Deer - Register to pick up litter and leave our city better than you found it.

Gardening Opportunities - Grow some of your own food with City resources such as garden plots, community gardens and community food forests.

Medication Return - Throwing unused medication in the trash or flushing down the toilet can be harmful to the environment. Expired, unused and unwanted medications can be dropped off for free, year-round at participating pharmacies.

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Questions or comments? Call Environmental Initiatives at 403-406-8820 or email environmental.initiatives@reddeer.ca