Hydrant and Water Use Permits

Service hydrants are available to provide temporary water supply for construction purposes.

The Utilities department has six hydrant use permits available:

Hydrant Use with a Vehicle/Tank

Hydrant Use with a Meter Box

  • The City will set up a hydrant meter box which includes a water meter and backflow preventor at any hydrant in the City for temporary water supply during construction work or special events.
  • Cost of permit - $100 permit fee and Bulk Water Rate $2.98/m3

Water Use at a City Bulk Water Station

  • The City is moving to Bulk Water Stations (currently located at 3010 55 St and 8168 Edgar Industrial Cl)
  • Cost - Bulk Water Rate $2.98/m3

Drinking Water Fountain Use

  • The City has a moveable drinking fountains in the City that can be set up at any hydrant or outside hose bib
  • Cost - Free

Water Main Flushing

  • The City requires all development and construction projects involving water infrastructure to obtain this permit.
  • Flushing and discharging plans will be required with your application and Contractor must follow the Contract Specifications latest edition.
  • Cost - Free

Hydrant Maintenance (Private Hydrant)

  • The City has some private hydrants around the City.  Private hydrants are located within properties where it is not feasible for a public hydrant. These hydrants are maintained by private companies to ensure they are ready for use.
  • Cost - Free

All Public and Private hydrant use must be authorized by the City. To apply for a hydrant use permit please fill out the application:

 2024 Hydrant Use Permit Application (pdf)

Please email applications to water@reddeer.ca. Applications take from 2 to 7 business days to process. Once the application has been received, we will contact you and ask you any additional questions we may have and to set up an inspection of your vehicle.

For more information contact the Utilities department - Water Distribution section at 403-342-8750.