Bronze Leaf Disease

What is it?

Bronze Leaf Disease

Bronze Leaf Disease (BLD) is a fungal disease that affects various poplar and hybrid tree species, including trembling aspens, Swedish columnar aspens and tower poplars. Leaves will turn a dark reddish-brown, chocolate brown or bronze color when infected. As the disease spreads, browning may be observed under the bark of diseased branches and heavy infestation can lead to branch dieback.

What can I do?

Since the disease spreads quickly by airborne spores, it is important to monitor your trees to determine if they are distressed or if they have been infected.

If your tree has symptoms of BLD, prune diseased branches 8 to 12 inches below the visible sign of infection. Collect all pruned materials and all fallen leaves from diseased trees and dispose of it at the City landfill.