Monthly Parking

There are several City-owned parking lots throughout downtown that offer monthly parking to residents and businesses.

See below for parking lot locations, monthly rates, and the process to sign up for monthly parking.

Monthly Parking in Downtown Red Deer

Surface Lots

Use the interactive map above to select the different City-owned parking lots downtown. Hover your cursor over the selected parking lot to find the associated monthly parking information.

The table below displays the information for all lots where monthly parking is available. 

Parking LotNumber of StallsMonthly Rate
P1 26 $70.00
P2 43 $70.00
P3 25 $80.00
P6 49 $65.00
P7 40 $70.00
P8 25 $75.00
P9 57 $70.00
P10 65 $55.00
P12 28 $75.00
P13 68 $75.00

Monthly rates include GST.

Contact Parking Administration to find out if a monthly stall is available in the lot you wish to park in:

Phone: 403-342-8185

Sorensen Station Parkade

During COVID-19, the Sorensen Station Parkade will be locked down at all times, only available to monthly parkers via access card, allowing access to the entrance roll gate and stairwells. 

Whether you park on the rooftop or choose to park in a covered stall, The Sorensen Station Parkade offers over 300 monthly parking stalls.

Monthly parkers are given hang tags and access cards, allowing 24/7 access to a parking stall.

Monthly Parking rate: $110.00
Hang tags: $5.00 (one time fee, unless a replacement is required)
Access cards: $5.00 (one time fee, unless a replacement is required)

new photo of the Sorensen Station Parkade

The Sorensen Station Parkade is also a desirable location for those looking for added security for their vehicles. The entrance and exit roll gates and stairwell doors lock at 6 p.m. and reopen at 6 a.m. on weekdays, and remain locked on weekends and statutory holidays.

When they are open, there is a security officer on site. This facility is under 24 hour surveillance. 

Apply for Monthly Parking

Parking Administration will assist you with any monthly parking inquiries you may have; finding you the closest or most affordable lot, depending on your needs.

You can apply as an individual monthly parking customer, or as a business!

Individual Monthly Parking Agreement Form (pdf)
Corporate Monthly Parking Agreement Form (pdf)

Once you have completed the form, please submit to Parking Administration via email. We will confirm the availability of the lot, and contact you if additional information is required. 

You can also inquire about availability by contacting us by phone or email:

Downtown Parking Map

Take a look at our Downtown Parking Map (pdf)  to find your preferred monthly parking options.