Parking Infrastructure Project

The City of Red Deer is replacing the parking technology and infrastructure in 2023. Visit this page for updates throughout the project.
Parking Infrastructure Project image


Currently, Red Deer’s parking technology is antiquated and doesn’t provide much flexibility for customers or offer a great customer service experience. We are also at a point where our technology cannot be repaired due to the age of the equipment and the inability to obtain parts. In 2021, City Council approved a budgetary request to replace the equipment and align our practices with new technology that is easier to understand and use and improves the overall customer experience.

Project milestones include

  • Removal and disposal of existing parking equipment and technology
  • Implementation of new parking systems that provide consistent parking payment methods throughout the downtown
  • Introduction of Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) as the primary method of enforcement downtown
  • To achieve uniformity of equipment (pay stations) throughout downtown while reducing repair and maintenance costs and increasing levels of security on the street
  • Implementation of software for the new equipment that will connect with the existing ticketing system and provides enhanced reporting and data collection
  • Alignment with the principles outlined in the Parking Management Strategy:
    • Customer Focus
    • Economic Development
    • Financial Sustainability
    • Multimodal Transportation

Parking Management Strategy (pdf)

The project is expected to be completed by summer 2023. 

The City of Red Deer thanks the Government of Alberta for supporting this project through Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) funding.