Buying & Selling

Ownership changes that have occurred in the current year may not be updated in our system when the Annual Tax Notices are generated. We suggest the taxes are paid in full at the time of the sale to avoid penalty.

Did you know?

A Property Tax account, also known as a tax roll, is unique. It belongs to the property, not the property owner. When properties change ownership, you buy and sell the tax roll account. 

Ownership and mailing addresses are maintained at Alberta Land Titles Office. Instructions to update the information can be found on our Change of Mailing Address page

Manufactured Home ownership change requires a signed Bill of Sale to be provided to The City. 

As a Registered Owner you can:

Taxes are to be paid in full by the due date regardless of changes of ownership. 

Additional information related to buying and Selling
Ownership and mailing address changes for real property are updated at the Alberta Land Titles Office. The City receives updates directly from Alberta Land Titles Office twice a month. 


Annual tax notices are mailed in May to the registered owner(s) of the property. 

If you are purchasing a property after May 1, it is recommended to settle the property taxes and pay in full. For amounts, contact your lawyer or review your purchasing documents. 

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A change of ownership does not cancel your automatic TIP withdrawals. A TIP Cancellation form must be completed.

Buying and selling a manufactured home

If you have recently purchased or sold a manufactured home, provide The City and the manufactured home park with a copy of the Bill of Sale at:

Office: 4914 48 Ave Red Deer
The registered owner is assessed on the manufactured home, but not the land it resides on, therefore The City does not receive ownership changes from Alberta Land Titles. It is the registered owner's responsibility to report ownership changes. In the event of an ownership discrepancy, The City will make ownership changes as per direction from the manufactured home park. 
For more information about manufactured homes please click here.


If you are not using a lawyer for the purchase of the property, you may want to purchase a Tax Certificate for the balance of the tax account. When ownership is changed, the new owner assumes any outstanding tax balance due. For further assistance in this matter, please contact our office. 


Ownership and the responsibility of property taxes, will remain in your name until a signed Bill of Sale has been received by The City. 
If you have sold, and you are enrolled on the TIP program, a TIP Cancellation form must be completed. 
Power of Attorney, Executor of Estate, etc.

For The City to be able to release tax information or authorize changes to an account by someone other than the registered owner, authorized persons are required to provide the following to the tax department:

  1. Copies of the completed supporting documents such as: death certificate, will, power of attorney, etc.
  2. Copy of photo ID of the authorized person
  3. Contact information for the authorized person

The City's legal department will review the information. Once reviewed, the authorized person(s) will be contacted.

Important Information

Alberta Land Titles

Alberta Land Titles Office records and maintains all ownership and mailing addresses for real property. It does not apply to manufactured homes. 

Alberta Land Titles Office currently is over 3 months behind updating ownership details, creating delays and challenges for New Owners. 

After ownership has been updated citizens can: 

  • Apply for TIP
  • Register tax account to MyCity 
  • View and pay any tax balance
  • Print proof of payment on MyCity

Prior to ownership being updated: 

  • Speak with your lawyer for explanation of the pro-ration of property taxes
  • Make payment as per your lawyer instruction
What can be added to your tax bill

Balances outstanding from your Utility and/or Accounts Receivable account will be added to your property tax account. An administration fee will also be added to the account. Payment of these charges are now payable to your tax account. 

Further information or questions pertaining to the transfer to your tax account can be directed to Utilities 403-342-8203 or Accounts Receivable 403-342-8110.

Statement of Adjustments

A Statement of Adjustments is a document prepared by your lawyer to calculate the pro-ration of taxes for the current year. 

The City is not privy to information in regards to the sale or purchase of your property. The City will always refer you back to your lawyer for a detailed explanation of the pro-ration of taxes. 


Some condominiums have titled parking stalls, in which case, they will also receive an assessment and tax notice. 

If your property is one that has a titled parking stall, and you have signed up for TIP on your condo unit, a TIP Application will also be required for the parking stall. 

Tax Certificate

In preparation of a sale or purchase of a property, Law Firms will purchase a Tax Certificate for $35.00. A Tax Certificate is a legal document that provides information to make tax adjustments at the time of your sale. 

Tax Certificates include:

  • tax levy amount and balance information
  • reference to the TIP withdrawal amount if applicable
  • current assessment value

Select Tax Certificates to: 

  • create an account for the self service system
  • make a payment to your account
  • obtain a tax certificate
At the time of sale

Tax amounts are calculated based on the days you owned the property within the tax year. 

  • A Tax Certificate is purchased to assist in calculating the pro-ration of taxes
  • A second Tax Certificate is recommended after the sale date, to confirm the balance on the tax account
  • Questions regarding the responsibility of taxes, can be addressed by your lawyer
  • Ownership is updated at Alberta Land Titles, which could occur approximately 3 months after your date of purchase
  • TIP Application can be completed once ownership has been transferred to the purchaser at Alberta Land Titles