What is a Cross Connection?

Cross connection control keeps our drinking water safe.

A cross connection is a temporary or permanent link between a potable drinking water system and any source containing non-potable water or other substances from which backflow may occur.

Examples include the piping between a public water system, or a citizen's water system and a heating, cooling, fire or irrigation system.

What is a Cross Connection Control Device?

A cross connection control device is a mechanical device that stops the backflow of water into public drinking water. The device prevents water from within a residence or building from re-entering the mains through the service line due to a depressurization.

Testable types of cross connection control devices are:

  • Reduced-pressure principle assembly
  • Pressure vacuum breaker assembly
  • Double-check valve assembly, and;
  • Registered air gaps

Examples of secondary types of devices are hose connection vacuum breakers, atmospheric vacuum breakers and residential dual check valves.

All devices within the city of Red Deer must be tested annually by an approved tester as per Utility Bylaw No. 3606/2018 Section 71.

List of Approved Cross Connection Testers

Several approved testers are available to test your devices annually. 

Certified Backflow Testers as of March 4, 2022 (pdf)    
CORD Cross Connection Control Testing and Inspection Form (pdf)