Water Main Flushing

Water main flushing is part of The City's annual sewer maintenance program.

Each year, City water mains are flushed out to remove built up sediment and scale. City crews close valves to isolate specific areas of each main and flush the water through fire hydrants. The water is then drained into city streets and flows into storm drains. Flushing typically runs from May to October.

Water main flushing does not affect water service to residents and businesses, but can sometimes cause decreased water pressure. The flushing process may cause temporary changes to the colour or taste of the water, but constant monitoring ensures the water quality meets standard requirements. Residents can resolve this issue by running the tap for a few minutes until the water runs clear.

Water main flushing is scheduled in the following areas:

  • Anders
  • Eastview & Eastview Estates
  • Downtown
  • Grandview
  • Highland Green & Highland Green Estates