Cart Collection Schedule

Red Deer’s cart program include every other week on alternating weeks pick-up of Blue (recycling) and Black Carts (garbage) and weekly pick-up of Green Carts (organics) from early-April to mid-November and every other week pick-up on the same week as the Blue Cart from mid-November to early-April.

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Download a printable copy of your schedule:

NeighbourhoodCollection Schedule November 2021 - April 2022
Anders Park East Thursdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Anders South Thursdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Aspen Ridge Thursdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Bower North/South Wednesdays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Clearview Meadows Thursdays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Clearview Ridge Thursdays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
College Park Tuesdays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Davenport Fridays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Deer Park Estates Fridays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Deer Park Village Fridays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)  
Devonshire Fridays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)  
Downtown Wednesdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
East Annexation area Tuesdays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Eastview/Eastview Estates Thursdays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Evergreen Wednesdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
Fairview Mondays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)  
Garden Heights Thursdays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Glendale/Glendale Park Estates Tuesdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Grandview Wednesdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
Highland Green/Highland Green Estates Mondays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Inglewood Wednesdays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Ironstone Wednesdays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)  
Johnstone Crossing/Johnstone Park Mondays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)  
Kentwood East/West Tuesdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
Kingsgate Tuesdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
Lancaster Green/Lancaster Meadows Fridays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Laredo Fridays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
Lonsdale Fridays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
Michener Hill East Thursdays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Michener Hill West Wednesdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
Mountview Wednesdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
Morrisroe Thursdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
Morrisroe Extension Thursdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
Normandeau North/South Tuesdays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)  
North Annexation area Mondays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Oriole Park/Oriole Park West Mondays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)  
Parkvale Wednesdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
Pines Tuesdays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Riverside Meadows Mondays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
Rosedale Estates/Rosedale Meadows Fridays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)  
South Hill Wednesdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
Sunnybrook/Sunnybrook South/Southbrook Wednesdays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)  
Timberlands/Timberstone/Timber Ridge Tuesdays - Zone 1 Calendar (pdf)
Vanier East/Vanier Woods Fridays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Waskasoo Wednesdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
West Lake Mondays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  
West Park Mondays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)
Woodlea Wednesdays - Zone 2 Calendar (pdf)  

Residential Waste Collection Index Map (pdf)

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Carts Frequently Asked Questions

Phone: 403-340-BLUE (2583)