Crime Prevention

Everyone has a part to play in preventing crime.

Capture 700 x 400

CAPTURE (Camera Registry)

Help police investigate crimes and keep your community safe by registering your security cameras.

Photo of two hands holding a bike lock

Register your bike

Keeping your bike starts with registering your bike with 529 Garage and locking it up.

Photo of key in door lock

Protect your home

Proper security in your home cannot only protect your property from crime and vandalism, it also creates a safe environment for you and your family.

Photo of person installing surveillance camera on outside brick wall

Protect your business

Thieves and vandals are attracted to easy targets. Are you doing what you can to protect your business?

Photo of keyboard with Fraud Prevention as a red button

Protect yourself

Arm yourself and the vulnerable people in your life with preventive tips for dealing with scammers.

photo of outside wall light illuminating the darkness


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design is part of a comprehensive approach to crime prevention.